Welcome to the Zeta Delta chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon at MIT!

Letter From the President

My journey here started during my sophomore year at MIT in the fall of 2015 when my best friend, Selam, expressed interest in attending an information session about a new sorority on campus. I am not what you would consider to be the typical sorority girl: I’m chubby, I’m black, I’m nerdy, and I’m queer. I had gone two years at MIT convinced that sorority life wasn’t for me because I didn’t fit the typical categories of labels—racial, physical or otherwise–but being all for trying new things, I decided to attend the session. To my surprise, I personally identified and connected with DPhiE’s values (justice, sisterhood, and love), philanthropies (ANAD, CFF, DPHIE Ed Foundation), and especially the motto: Esse Quam Videri (to be rather than to seem to be). I struggled with finding a close-knit community at MIT in which I can be completely myself and be unconditionally loved and supported. But after discovering that Delta Phi Epsilon places acceptance and love in such high regard, I was convinced and became a founder!

Reflecting on my fourth year here at MIT, I am beyond grateful to have spontaneously found DPhiE; I joined on a whim and it was the best decision I could’ve made. My sisters are loving, supportive, hilarious, genuine, crazy, weird, inspiring, selfless, driven, and more! They praise the differences among us and continuously push each other to be our best selves. While many of us didn’t think that sorority life was right for us, we found a home in DPhiE, and a space within MIT where we can be nothing more than just ourselves. We joined an organization that looks past exteriors and instead looks at who we are as people; DPhiE exemplifies the word “real” and exudes authenticity. No matter what I have gone through since being at MIT, including academic, emotional, and mental struggles, I have found that Delta Phi Epsilon and its members are my rock; they have stood by me through ups and downs; they have supported, challenged, and taught me so much. I have made friendships and strong relationships that I am sure will stand the test of time. I have grown and learned much about myself and the world around me because of DPhiE, and the woman I am today would not exist if it were not for this chapter.

As a chapter, we have been able to grow significantly in the last few years. The process of starting a new chapter presents its own challenges and stresses—where do we even start?—however, we have been able to create a sorority chapter that is all our own. We have been able to not only create our own culture and fresh traditions, but also influence a change in Greek life as a whole. Due to our chapter’s dedication to inclusion and diversity, our nationals committed to a new policy of non-binary and trans inclusion during recruitment. We have raised thousands of dollars for our philanthropies and have been able to make a lasting impact on our surrounding communities through service. Our members display their dedication to social responsibility, education, culture, academics, and fun through their involvement in a multitude of activities. I am constantly in awe of the greatness of this organization and the people who make it great. Being President is an honor in and of itself but being a member of this chapter is the highest honor of them all.

To discover more about our sisterhood, please explore our website! Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Kayla Tabb.jpgSincerely,

Kayla Tabb

Zeta Delta Chapter President